Wildlife of Seychelles
by John Bowler
Birds of the Seychelles
by Ian Bullock, Adrian Skerrett and Tony Disley
Lost World: The Marine World of Aldabra and the Seychelles
by Thomas P. Peschak
Bradt Travel Guide: Seychelles
by Lynnath Beckleya and Lyn Mair
Insight Guide: Mauritius, Réunion and Seychelles
by Emily Hatchwell
Insight Pocket Guide: Seychelles
by Judith Skerrett
Seychelles: Garden of Eden in the Indian Ocean
by Sarah Carpin
The History of Slavery in Mauritius and the Seychelles, 1810-1875
Moses D. E., Nwulia
Seychelles Since 1770: History of a Slave and Post-Slavery Society
by Deryck Scarr
The Edge of Eden
by Helen Benedict
Brothers of the Sea
by D.R. Sherman

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