Beaches, water sport and especially diving is essential to any Seychelles holiday. The clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the stunning topography of walls, reefs and drop offs teeming with both fish and coral life make the Seychelles one of the most diverse marine environments around and one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world.  

From March until April is on of the best seasons for diving and a definite highlight of a Seychelles holidays. Visibility can reach 30m and water temperatures up to 29 Cº. Around the inner reefs marine life includes among others octopus, butterflyfish, angelfish and lionfish. A bit further out napoleon and humphead wrasses, schools of parrotfish are common as are graceful stingrays, elegant reef sharks and green and hawksbill turtles. Around the slightly more remote outer islands you can encounter manta rays, nurse and oceanic white-tip, whale and hammerhead sharks!

The Brissare Rocks is a great dive site located just 5 kilometres northeast of Mahé. With a maximum depth of 18 meters the site offers a granite reef with hard corals and an abundance of fish life such as morays, snappers, stingrays, hawksbill turtles, and whale and reef sharks.

The Shark Bank is very popular if you want to see fan corals, huge Grouper, Barracuda and Stingrays. Fishermen's Cove Reef is very popular with novice divers and where Hawksbill Turtles are a common site.

The Trompeuse Rocks are a popular diving location about 24 kilometers to the north of Mahod. There is particularly thick coral reef here inhabited with schools of many fish species. Therese Island offers dives between 12-18M in depth and divers will normally see Stingrays and Reef Sharks. 

In October, the whale sharks arrive to feed off plankton in the warm blue waters around the islands of the Seychelles. Whale sharks can grow up to 60 feet in length and weight up to 34 tonnes and are a spectacular example of marine life.

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